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My Docker Exec Shortcut Tool
This blog post is about a simple tool I created for easy access to Docker containers with tab completion for all active containers.
Resolving npm install Permission Issues on Multipass
In this post I’m sharing my experience using Multipass on my Apple Silicon Mac to upgrade Node.js within a project. I encountered a permission error while using npm install, which led me to a solution involving adjusting maxfiles limits, and I’ve documented the process with helpful resources.
Distributed Map Reduce implementation in Go
This is my implementation for a distributed Map Reduce system developed in Go. I developed this as a part of the MIT 6.5840 (Distributed Systems) course which I was self studying online.
Notes from Chrome Extension Development: Debugging and Dynamic Script Injection
Some notes from my Chrome extension development. Debugging using webpack’s development mode and source maps. Dynamically injecting content scripts from the background file for seamless updates.
Setup a mock AWS locally using Localstack
Setting up localstack as a mock local cloud environment for testing and development. Writing go code using aws sdk to manipulate the environment.